As your workweek winds down, here are 5 tips that will help make Monday a Great Day.


By Marc Welch Labor SolutionsVP Marketing @LaborSolutions


  • Organize the week. Go through next week’s calendar and be sure it includes all meetings, deadlines, and to-do’s, and then create your task list with apportioned hours. Having next week organized is critical in helping to keep your mind clear on the weekend, allowing you to truly relax. In addition, a relaxing (or adventure filled) weekend, free of unorganized work thoughts, will also leave you more refreshed on Monday.
  • Complete 1 extra task before you leave on Friday. It’s very easy to push one (or more) of your to-do’s into next week, and if you are like me, that task list you just created most likely reflects something that you punted to next week. With that said, pick one (or two) of those tasks on next week’s list, and GET IT DONE before you leave for the weekend. Not only will this give you the satisfaction of accomplishment, it may even motivate you to do more, thus setting that weekend mood to relax and/or have fun.
  • Set up 1 “FUN” meeting for next week. With your week ahead already planned out, and (hopefully) am extra task or two completed, set up a breakfast, lunch, or dinner date with a spouse, friend, family, or anyone that you have been meaning to connect with, but have yet to make it happen. You will be pleasantly surprised in seeing how the anticipation of that “FUN” meeting you have scheduled, will help in creating a more positive vibe on Monday.
  • Treat yourself. This is more for the “disciplined” type. Before you leave, put one of your favorite snacks, or one of those leftover gift cards, or any other little indulgence into your drawer before you leave on Friday. Knowing it’s there (this is where the discipline comes in), wait to break it out until that moment when stress levels in the office become high, or when your mood becomes somber. On the other hand, should you forget you put it in your drawer, it can make for a pleasant, and startling discovery when you do find it.


  • Recognize others. Think about those one or two people that stood out to you in the office this past week. Plan a nice way to recognize them (nice email, thank you card, flowers, gift card, etc.) and then add a Monday morning task to execute your nice gesture to them. Not only will you be excited to help make that person or persons’ Monday start off on a high note, you will also be setting the tone for a positive and welcoming work week.