using effective job titles: from the eyes of a job seeker

Lissi Nunez – Marketing Coordinator

Job titles are the key to attracting the correct applicant pool and the first introduction to your job post. A new challenge arose when companies started to open their doors to non-traditional job titles to show their creativity. However,  creative job titles can be confusing and misleading for job seekers and companies. 

Candidates are usually navigating multiple positions and having a clear uniform job title help ease their search. To create an effective job title you need to put yourself in the position of the candidate, be specific and work on a system. 

Think Like a Job Seeker

It is essential to reach out to your candidates in a way that connects with them.

To think like a job seeker, you have to be Proactive and, Empathetic shares Maureen Welch, our Talent Acquisition manager. 

Be proactive and anticipate what the candidate will do. Pretend you are the one seeking a job. Ask yourself, How would you go about that? What would you do to find your ideal job? Once you have answered those questions, you can move on to the next step.

Imagine how would you want to be found, contacted, and treated? It requires empathy to put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and relate with them. The title is the introduction but, the first conversation sets the tone for your relationship with the candidate. Be transparent and do not lead applicants to false perceptions. 

Be Specific

Let your candidates find you as soon as they hit the search button. According to the Glassdoor team, candidates are attracted to their specializations. For example, someone with a Forklift certification and experience will not search for a High Reach Truck position. They will look up Forklift or Forklift Driver.

“Your job title needs to contain the most commonly used and accepted job title for the position, even if your company’s specific needs will make it somewhat different from other roles with the same title (Glassdoor).” 

If you know what your ideal candidate is going to search first, why not use it? When talking with Jose Guido a Temp of Labor Solutions, he was looking for a similar job to his previous job. “You need to know what you’re applying for and the job title tells  you about the position before starting it (Guido).” 

Work on Your System

A system creates uniformity according to our Training and Performance Manager Marty Cisneros. “The uniformity help the recruiters keep it consistent and not over complicate the job titles (Cisneros).”

A good system will also help you attract and retain the talent you need. Mona Bushell from emphasizes the importance of keeping track of all your postings. Keeping a record of how effective or ineffective your methods are will help you build a good system for creating job titles and job postings in overall. 

Generally speaking, job titles are the first introduction that a candidate has to your job post. Having a clear job title will help you draw the appropriate candidate for the position. You have to always think like a job seeker, be specific and create a good system. 

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