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Lissi Nunez – Marketing Coordinator

A temporary position could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. A temp position offers a fast hiring process, opportunity to be hired permanently, provides benefits and income, and enhances your resume.

Fast Hiring Process

Most temporary positions are immediate, which means that they are looking to hire someone right away. You will rarely have to go through the “waiting periods.” Waiting periods are the time after you submit your application and the time after the interview. Some companies don’t even tell you that they have already filled the position. With Temporary companies, you can avoid all that; you can start working the same day if necessary.

For the most part, an agency will have you apply and go through an interview. Along with that, more and more agencies are providing shorter forms to make it easier for candidates.

Temp-To-Hire Opportunities

It is a matter of being in the right place at right time. If the employer likes your work, they might ask you to stay longer or permanent.

Ever Guzman is a good example of this. Ever worked for Labor Solutions as a Temp for about six years. He starting working as a means to make an income for his physical and mental health. Guzman left his permanent job when he developed heart problems. During recovery from surgery, the isolation was making him depressed so he decided to take on a temporary position. He landed at Labor Solutions, and now that he is fully recovered, he has been hired to one of our companies.

A temporary position also helped Ever to make some extra income to pay for his procedures and check-ups. This is similar to our next reason on how working for a temp agency can be valuable to you.

You Can Receive Benefits

According to Onin Staffing “Many staffing agencies offer other services, such as dental and vision coverage, some form of paid time off, and employee discounts at national merchants.”  Its important to keep in mind that the quality and cost of insurance can vary dramatically from company to company, so it is important to ask questions when you are signing up for work.

You will usually be informed about the kind of benefits they have when you apply. At Labor Solutions we offer affordable medical insurance and 401k for temps after one year working with us. Additional benefits would depend on the assignment being placed. They could be as follows:

  • Sick pay
  • Vacation pay
  • PTO
  • Holiday pay
  • Attendance bonus

Provides Income and Enhances your Resume

Whether you are on a break from school or simply need to make some money, temporary employment is always a good idea.

When Ruben Garcia started working as a temp he didn’t have any specific goals he wanted to accomplish. He just wanted to make a living. While working as a Temp, he gained experience in customer service as well as leadership, among other skills. Labor Solutions noticed his potential and decided to take him in. Now that Ruben is a Dispatcher, or what he calls “being on the other side of the window,” he is able to help others find great opportunities.

By working a temporary position, you can avoid potential gaps in your resume. Employers want to know that you were not just sitting at home watching TV for months. Knowing that you like to work, and that you kept moving, is definitely a plus when it comes to potential employers viewing your resume.

In summary, working in a temporary position is a win-win situation. Whether you are looking to stay for a long time or just a season in your life. It is fast and easy to apply, you have the opportunity to be hired if you like the job, you can make a living, and last but not least it helps you gain skills that you can add to your resume.

At Labor Solutions, we are committed to helping you find the right position close to you, aligned with your skills and experience. Plus, we are deeply committed to your ongoing growth. Contact the office nearest to you for more information or submit your information at www.lsapply.com

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